This project is based on the design of a complete equipment of road cycling, like jerseys, culottes, jacket, raincoat and accessories.
The design was for a company from the Basque Country, which wanted something inspired by this locality. The objective was to create a simple design with subtle touches of color, which we finally got after several studies.
You can see several examples here. After several months the feedback obtained has been very positive.


In this case the design was for a competition triathlon suit.
For this we are inspired by the essence of the sport itself. Swimming, cycling and athletics, where we capture various objects and concepts such as the sea, long distances or the wheels of the bicycle. Finally the idea was also adapted to other garments such as cycling jerseys or athletic shirts.
You can see several examples here.



The idea was simple: create a line of garments with simple geometric designs.
Three concepts were presented, first one with flat and corporate colors of the brand [S–PAD], the second with the main objective of increasing visibility through bright colors [S–OSO], and the third one, was intended to be something very different and more elaborate [S–SHAPE].